A day to let go, start over & return to your true self.

First of all, it's exciting to be blogging again! This time my focus will be on the inner journey and creating the best possible experience in this life. So if you've followed me before, warm welcome back.

Now let's talk about my birthday! 

This week I celebrated my 35th b-day, in true virgo style and as a perfectionist at heart, I had my hair done at Bangs. And practiced self-love and appreciation. 

This day stands for re-birth, starting over again and leaving all that does not serve you behind. This is a new chance to be the best version of yourself. (By the way, you can do this every day, but for some reason it feels extra powerful on the day of our birth).

Our ego's negativity drags us into chaos and illusion, creating a reality based on misery, tears and drama. But that's not your truth, it's not who you are. Remind yourself that you can do better, you can return to your core essence in any given moment. You can return to your right mind. How? By simply choosing it. Yeah you have the power to do this right now. 

Practice makes the master. Start by simply observing your thoughts and ask yourself, are they based on love or fear? And they a representation of your highest truth? Then take action!

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